Saturday, September 12, 2009

Deep Sea Fishing and Hanging Out at Bill and Janet's

The following are pictures from our deep sea Salmon fishing excursion. This was like Christmas morning for Matt; he had been looking forward to this for about a year! Mom, Bill and Janet all refused to go due to their previously horrible family fishing trip where they spent the entire trip on their knees puking. So, Dad, Matt, Me, Stacie, Michael, and Matt’s cousin Quinn were the fisher people. Here are all the fish goers before…

And after. Matt usually gets sick on rides and airplanes. But he had done this before and swore that if he just followed the same pattern he would be fine. Don’t eat anything and take Dramamine. We got on the boat at 5:30 am… Oh and we had to leave Bill and Janet’s at 2:30 am to drive to Westport. After driving out to our destination for about 45 minutes Matt lost it. I felt so bad for him! He didn’t have anything but water and Dramamine to lose. I wasn’t too surprised though because he has a pretty weak stomach. I on the other hand LOVE rides, airplanes and the likes. So after Matt had puked twice I was pretty surprised to find myself feeding the fish as well… all my orange juice. Let’s just say that orange juice may be a good choice going down – but not the other way around. My feet wouldn’t even touch the ground when I was leaning over the side of the boat – Michael says I looked pretty sad and pathetic. After throwing up I felt lots better and got to fish for a while. I even caught a fish… it wasn’t a salmon and it may not have been any bigger than my bait… but I caught something!! Then I got sick again… Matt said he would pay double what he paid to get on the boat to get off right then and claimed he would never go fishing again. I was feeling horrible for him because he had been SO excited. Michael was feeling a little sick so someone told him to eat some carrots or something from our lunch. It wasn’t long before Michael threw up and the carrots came out of his nose. I’m sorry I’m sharing all these gruesome details with you – but you need to understand how horrible it was!! It was also freezing cold and my nose wouldn’t stop running. Matt threw up 6 times, I threw up twice before I made myself go to sleep to save myself, Michael threw up twice and Quinn threw up once and then ate more homemade cupcakes from a stranger. Stacie felt sick too, but Dad just fished and ate a ham sandwich. I was lying in the back praying that we would meet our quota so we could go home… we were scheduled to be on the boat until 4:30 pm. I guess the praying worked because we met our quota by noon and we were the 2nd boat into port. Matt fished for the last 20 minutes and caught a huge King Salmon so he says he would do it again – crazy person. We all got to take 2 salmon home – it was great! Enjoy the pictures… They weren’t posed.

But it was all worth it in the end?...

The group of us in front of the boat.

And with the fish…

Here is Matt on the way home.

The group of us with Mom – don’t judge me… I look like a wreck and I felt like one too.

Vacuum packing the fish :) Yum!

The girls getting dinner ready the next night. We had Salmon, Salad, etc, Peach and Black Berry Cobbler for dessert.

Visiting around the table after dinner.

The whole time we were at the beach and the rainforest dad had been determined to find a salamander, he looked under ever rock and log he could lift. It was the highlight of his trip when Michael, Stacie and Quinn came back from the park with one.

This was how our nights were spent at Bill and Janet’s… watching 24 into the wee morning hours.