Saturday, September 12, 2009

Trip to Redmond and Seattle:

Where we spent the majority of our vacation… ok not really but 2500 miles of it. :) Here we are heading to Seattle to visit Janet and Bill. My lips are orange from the Popsicle I just ate. I swear it wasn’t just a bad lipstick choice.

We had to take the ferry from the Olympic Peninsula over to Bill and Janet’s in Redmond, near Seattle. This was the view as we drove our car on deck.

A ferry like ours.

On the ferry

We had fun just hanging out with Bill and Janet that night and the next day we made our way into Seattle. This is the group, except for Mom, at Pike Street.

The Farmers markets were amazing!!

You could buy a bouquet like these for $10… it was crazy.

Matt and I at the market

The disgusting gum wall.v

The group at the Locks and the Fish ladder. I still don’t understand these concepts after having several people explain them to me… apparently lake Washington has a higher water level than the Ocean so they have to lift the boats up… it’s not like land people, just let the water flow together and they will even out.

We also got a parking ticket at the Locks… Mom just ripped it up.