Saturday, September 12, 2009

The Beach

Ah… the beach.

Walking down to the beach

It had been hot the whole time we had been there and suddenly when we decided to go to the beach the sun was nowhere to be found… But I liked it – it was kind of mystical.

It felt SO good to just take your shoes off and walk on the sand and through the water.

“That was fun… now what should we do with our sandy feet…?”

Next beach. We brought our water shoes this time… good thinking.

This beach was a little sunnier. This is us being happy before our 2 mile hike down the beach and before the blisters and sore feet :)

Michael was in heaven!

Matt scared the poop right out of them… and it almost landed on him.

My first time holding a star fish! Are those things really alive? I swear they don’t move. Oh and my hair was straight that morning, but after the moisture got to it, well... it had a mind of it's own