Saturday, September 12, 2009

The Rain Forest:

We saw this tree on our way to the Hoh Rain Forest - it was huge!

Dad started dancing for this picture.. haha, it makes me laugh just looking at it.

The Rain Forest Phone

These pictures were all from the Hoh Rain Forest, but they don't even begin to do it justice!!

Meditating Michael.

I like this picture because of Dad’s backpack… apparently when I wasn’t looking he fell and rolled down a hill with this backpack on – you probably have to know him, but I laugh just thinking about it.

There really are two Elk lying in the bushes… look close.

Matt whistling to get the fish to come - I think it worked...

Our picnic after the Rain Forest hikes where we got eaten alive by mosquitoes… well I guess I shouldn’t say “we” I never get mosquito bites. I claim that it’s because I was attacked by bees, ever since those 50 stings I haven’t been stung by a bee or bit by a mosquito.

We are such a photogenic family.

These birds were so tame!! My favorite was when one of them didn’t like what we were feeding so it bounced across the table and took the little almond thing that comes inside a nectarine pit, and flew way with it.

The drive was gorgeous everywhere we went… once we got through Western and Central Oregon that is.