Friday, February 19, 2010

My Unsympathetic Husband:

Ok so the title of this post is a little deceiving.  Matt is really sweet and all that.  But when it comes to TV shows he has NO mercy

[Disclaimer:  The following post is not intended to establish the fact that we have no life besides watching this show.  I promise we have a life besides watching Grey's Anatomy and Private Practice.  Passing judgment is strictly prohibited.]

We really enjoy watching this one together but Matt spends a lot of the time criticizing the characters that do something he perceives as irrational.  I usually tell him to keep it to himself.  I have realized however that I enjoy all the characters regardless of their actions.  If they are really emotional and do something really stupid I'm always sympathizing with them saying, "yes that was stupid of them, but think about the situation they are in?!  I don't know what I would do in that situation and we shouldn't judge them." 

Matt, however, has no sympathy for idiocy.  I have noticed that his favorite characters are the rational ones, the ones that think logically like he does.  His favorites are:  Preston Burke, Alex Karev, Derek Shepherd (AKA McDreamy), George O'Malley, Mark Sloan (AKA McSteamy), Miranda Bailey, and the Chief - Richard Webber.  Please notice that most of these characters are fairly consistant and less emotional than say Meredith Grey, Izzy Stevens, or Addisyn Montgomery. 

We always say that Matt is most like Alex Karev and he says I'm a mix between Izzy and Meredith... funny enough both of whom are some of his least favorite characters.  He says it's because I just have their good qualities ;)

Then there is always the McSteamy or McDreamy debate.  McDreamy is better looking, in case you were wondering.  Matt thinks McSteamy is better looking.  You decide for your self...


vs. McSteamy

And the Rest of the Crew:


Lisonbee Family said...

McDreamy-no contest. :)

carly said...

mcdreamy. mcsteamy's getting all weird with his baby hunger! i love those shows. i don't care if i'm judged.

Lexi said...

I've never seen the show, but thought it was funny how there are two characters named Lexie and Callie... coincidence? I think not!

Ryan, Melissa, and Family said...

McDreamy...NO QUESTION!! I love this post, it makes me smile hehe:) I am pretty much addicted to this show! I can totally see Matt doing that & I think he is right about you being a mix between Izzy & Meridith...too funny LOL!

Lo said...

I'm totally a McSteamy girl! Haha don't tell my hubby :-) What do you think of Lexi's blonde hair?

Teandra said...

McSteamy...and my favorite is Christina. Most of them bug the crap outta me though.