Saturday, March 27, 2010

The Getaway Weekend:

Last weekend my parents took us on a little vacation with my sister and her husband (Melissa and Ryan).  We just went down town Salt Lake, but there is something about just being away from home, staying in a hotel, and partying for the weekend! :)  I only worked for half the day on Friday and then we drove up to Salt Lake with Melissa and Ryan. 

We shopped at the Gateway for a while (Melissa and Ryan had never been there!!), but it was really cold and there were dirty Ute flags everywhere ;), so we didn't stay too long.  Then we met my parents for dinner at the Garden Restaurant.  I had never been there before; it was delicious!  I had tri-tip steak and it was so tender.  My mouth is watering just thinking about it!  After dinner while we were waiting for the elevator my heel on my boot broke!!

It was sad :(  I guess it was destined to happen though since my mom called these her "Granny boots" and I stole them from her... so I guess they were just getting really "frail"...  It was pretty funny and I think my Mom almost peed her pants laughing.

After dinner we stopped by the hotel to drop off our bags and so that I could change my shoes... luckily I brought a pair of runners!  The hotel was SO nice.  Matt and I got all settled into our room and inspected it's beauty and then met up with everyone else to head to the Planetarium.  We saw the new movie that is showing there, "Hubble 3D."  It was amazing!!  Our universe is incredible.  I think that science is proof that God lives.  Then we had fun walking around the Planetarium and looking at the exhibits.  Here are a few pictures from our adventures :)

Here is Melissa showing us the storm front that's coming in :)

I always knew Mom would be a great Meteorologist! ;)

Dad on Mars... or something.

Dad on the Moon - it's kind of dark, but I like this one! :)

The Martians
After our Planetarium adventures we came back to the hotel.  We played catch phrase for a while.  They only won because Matt and Dad played their Muffin Man card.  Matt says, "Do you know?" (trying to get the boys to say "the muffin man.") and Dad says "The Muffin Man!!"  Somehow whenever it comes up - they get it!  Then we got hungry so we ordered some pizza and breadsticks. 

Saturday morning we woke up and headed out to Miller Motor Sports Park to race the go-karts.  They are CRAZY!!  I fish tailed a few times. :)  And, I all I have to say to my fellow competitors is that, well... it would be childish to say that I "Won," so I'll just say that I was the first one to park my kart. ;)  Here are some pictures from those adventures:






Melissa and Ryan

Everyone with their gear on :)

Matt and I

More waiting around...

And waiting... I got tired of waiting...

And here we are right before the race!!

Melissa - Right after the Race :)

Then we went to lunch at Cafe Rio. Mmmm... 

When Matt and I got home we unpacked our things and went grocery shopping.  Then we went to my aunt's house to eat pizza and watch the last BYU game... it was sad.  But, to cheer ourselves up, we came home and used some of these...

Massive Delicious Strawberries

To make some of these...

Well, that was our "Getaway Weekend."  I hope you enjoyed it as much as we did... though I seriously doubt it. ;)


Bryan and Sarah said...

Your getaway weekend looks like it was so fun!

Ryan, Melissa, and Family said...

I am glad you went to all the work to make a post about I can just copy it and put it on my blog...when I get time LOL! I love all the good pics:)