Sunday, December 19, 2010

BYU and Spider Ornaments:

On Saturday we had a big family party with Matt's side and watched the BYU bowl game and the basketball game.  My favorite part, besides the great company, was all the yummy food.  :)  I love being with family, we will really miss having that all the time when we move next year.

When the football game became a blow-out, we made these cute spider ornaments.  It's tradition to get/make a new ornament each year.  Aren't these amazing?!  Matt's is the big blue and white one - for BYU :)  I made it though... I can't imagine Matt sitting down and making one of these.  And mine is one of the little purple and silver ones.

What do you think?  Pretty cute huh?


Katie said...

Those are pretty cool. Although I think that are kinda creepy. I don't know about a Christmas tree decorated with spiders.