Monday, February 14, 2011

Did you know?

Did you know that I have abnormally small feet?  Like, size 5 in women's is too big, small feet.  I used to tell people that I had a disease where my feet stopped growing when I was 10... very believable.

One time in highschool I was over at a guys house.  His mom saw my shoes and asked if a little girl was over.  Ya.  Kind of embarrassing.

Matt also has VERY small feet.  I think he wears an 8 in mens.  Our poor kids.  It's a miracle we can even walk on these things.

P.S. I got cute new socks - I love new socks.  One of the best feelings ever.


Mike and Faith said...

I've got abnormally small feet too and I used that excuse!

Katie said...

I wish I had smaller feet, shoes always look cuter in the smaller sizes, and stores never sell out of size 5 or 6. But I can imagine that not even fitting into a 5 would be frustrating to. It's funny how they don't really look small in that picture, though. They look ginormous! :p