Monday, February 14, 2011

Music Night

My grandma Holden LOVES music so our family did a music night where people played an instrument or sang for grandma.  It was also while my grandma's sister was here visiting so it was fun to see them as well.  Here are some pictures from the night...

Waiting to start

Ken, Grandma, Whitney, and Marilyn

Brenley and Kelly singing beautifully

Dad at the piano

Mom at the violin - she's amazing :)  don't let her tell you otherwise.
(Please note cute little addy-tude in the corner :))

Katelyn, Melissa, and Addy

Mikayla, Melissa, and Addy (sucking her cute fingers too)

Dahl at the guitar

Grandma at the piano

Kelly singing a solo


Katie said...

I love the pictures of your grandma at the piano. She looks just like a sweet grandma should while playing the piano. What a fun thing to do for her.