Friday, July 8, 2011

Happy 4!

We enjoyed spending time celebrating the 4th with family this year, even if it was a few days early. :)  We went to a family reunion (previously mentioned) and then lit fireworks.

The Firework Lighter (James)
Picture James dressed like this, Matt dressed in a light pink polo, riding on the scooter together... takes us back to the Monico Court days when Steph and I sent them to get something at the store and stood there laughing while they rode into the sunset... should have taken a picture. Dang it.

Stephanie and Chase Watching Fireworks

Chase Helping his Dad

Such a Stud

In Awe while Watching the Fireworks

"I wanna try!!" :)

Matt and Dad
James, Matt, Dad

Michael, Mom, Stephanie, Chase, Steph

Michael, Mom, Stephanie, Chase, Steph, James, Matt, Dad

Mom, Stephanie, Chase, Steph, Steph, Matt, James

Chase and Ketchup

Chase and his Momma

Matt and Chase Just Chillin'


Katie said...

Looks like fun! Chase is ADORABLE! I love those eyes and chubby cheeks.

The Clingo Family said...

Your nephew is ADORABLE!!!!!

James & Stephie Lynne Purcell said...

SO CUTE! Haha every time I think about that scooter I think about James and Matt and their pink shirts... why oh why did we not take a picture?

P.S. We really miss you guys...

P.P.S. I'm glad there's no picture of my leg on fire...