Thursday, July 28, 2011


Life has been crazy busy, so it has taken me forever to get around to posting these.  About a month ago I had the opportunity to take pictures of my friend's little boy.  Lucas is only two and already has SO much personality.  We have loved being able to spend time with him and his parents over the last year or so and are going to miss them so much when we move.  He is always making us laugh.  Especially when he comes over without any pants on, knocks, opens the door, opens our fridge and says, "Cookie?"  Or when he knocks on the wall we share and we knock back... over and over again.  Or when he puts his forehead up to mine and we squish each others faces and say, "I don't knooooow" and he thinks it's the funniest thing ever.  Or when we are babysitting him and he pees on Matt from the other side of the room (on accident).  Yep, he's hilarious.

And like most two year old boys he doesn't sit still for a second...

and he was just sure that every hole needed it's own rock...
Peek-a-boo is pretty fun too...
Lucas pondering... :)  Love this profile shot and his cute nose.

And there is nothing better than cuddles from mommy to comfort him when he's sad.
Lucas was enthralled with the birds and kept putting his arms up and calling for them.

Best Friends

He's such a sweetheart.
Now can you see why we LOVE this little boy so much??


Katie said...

Oh, he's so cute. You did a really good job on these pictures. He misses you too.