Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Our home in South Bend :)

First let me say how much we LOVE it here!  :)  We love our ward and have already made so many new friends.  There are quite a few student couples in our apartment complex and even more in our ward.  Our ward was so nice to help us move twice and then we have had 6-7 dinners with people in our ward since we have been here.  We love the location of our apartment!  It's 10 minutes from campus, 20 minutes from church, right near three grocery stores (within walking distance).  I wasn't able to relax until everything was unpacked.  Matt was so good to help out and we were completely unpacked within three days of our second move.  It's been really nice to get all settled in.  Here are some pictures of our new place so you'll know where to picture us!

The family room.

Family Picture Wall

The Family Room: We love our balcony.

The New Ikea Entertainment Center: Matt and I built this and it only took us like 6 hours.

The Balcony: the pond was feeling a little sick for a while, but it's doing a lot better now and looking a lot less green.

We love how this family room has quite a bit more space than our last one and we are able to have our desktop computer out here where we'll use it more often.

Our Bedroom: We love that it's right by the Family Room

Our Dresser

The 'Master' Bath... I'm not sure if I can call it that since there isn't a tub, but it's the bathroom that's connected to our bedroom, so we'll call it that.

The Dinning Room/Kitchen

The Kitchen: LOVING the gas stove!

And my personal favorite: The Laundry Room!  I will never be able to go back to not having our own washer and dryer.  It has saved us so much money and it's so nice to just pop a load of laundry in whenever you feel like it rather than waiting until you have 10 loads!

Bathroom #2:  I think I would rather have 1 bathroom, personally.  Less to clean.  But, it will be nice when we have guests!

The Spare Bedroom!  This is our random room, as you can see.  Weights, Drying Rack, Bookshelves.  It also has a huge walk-in-closet which is great for storage and this is where guests will stay. :)

So, that's it!  We love it here - come visit and we'll show you why!  :)


Stephanie said...

I love it! So cute! You are so good about unpacking and getting moved in quickly- I would not have pictures on the wall yet. haha

Katie said...

cute! You are good at getting unpacked quickly, I definitely haven't gotten pictures up yet. You did a good job decorating. Love the tv stand. :-)

Bryan and Sarah said...

I love your new place! I'm jealous of your gas stove - those are the best!

James & Stephie Lynne Purcell said...

Nice!!! So jealous of the laundry room. I definitely want to come visit!

Ryan, Melissa, and Family said...

I love your place Steph! SO CUTE! I am the same way about unpacking...it feels so nice to get settled in:) I love all the cute pics...Now I can picture you guys in your new place:)

Mateers said...

Love it , your apartment looks so nice. I kmow the feeling off unpacking we've just had a week of fast food and living out of boxes! We used to have the 2 bathrooms but I only used the 1 and always forgot about the other one!! Glad your settling in :)

Landon & Julie said...

So cute! You moved in FAST! Nice work!

Peter & Annie said...

That is a great apartment! I am so glad you guys are settled and happy there! Miss you!