Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Siam Segway

We miss my parents so much. :(  As soon as they left it was back to real life with endless studying and full-time work!...  But, as busy as we are, I feel the need to document all the fun things we did while they were here.  I'm going to do this in days since there will be too many pictures, etc. for one post.

On Friday, October 14th at ~5:00 pm we picked them up from the South Bend Airport.  It was so nice that they flew right into South Bend since the airport is only five minutes from here.

In Utah we have a favorite Thai Restaurant called Thai Spice (AMAZING if you ever have the chance to go there - we love the standard yellow curry.  It's on 7200 South in Murray).  So, since my parents were in town, we thought it might be fun to try a local Thai Restaurant here that we had never been to.  Siam Thai seemed like a cute little place and I'd heard some good things.
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I LOVED it.  I ordered the Siam Noodles.  YUM.  My dad got the Masaman curry and it was also amazing.  I highly recommend Siam Thai to all you Thai food lovers out there.

After dinner we made a little trip to the ND bookstore.
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And of course had some fun at the bookstore...

All he needs now is a segway ;)...

More fun to come...


Erica said...

That is my absolute favorite picture of Judd!!! Can't you see why I married him??? HA! HA! :-)