Saturday, November 5, 2011

The Windy City

On Monday we woke up and headed to Chicago for the day.

The view as we approached the city

My dad took this amazing picture after we arrived in Chicago
Photo by Judd Pinegar

Me, Matt, and Mom before entering the Willis Tower 
(formerly the Sears Tower)

Matt and I on our way up!

The views from the top were incredible!

Dad and Mom
(Not the best lighting for portraits though)

Matt and I

Me, Matt, Mom, Dad at the top of the Willis Tower

Mom was brave and actually stepped out onto the glass ledge...  Matt and I wouldn't go near it! :)

We then headed to Giordano's for Chicago style pizza - amazing.
(thanks to the Stewarts for the recommendation)


Ya, it was probably even better than this picture looks - if you can believe that.

After lunch we decided that we could walk from Giordano's (which was near the Willis Tower) to Navy Pier.  
ATTENTION:  Do not attempt that walk.  :)  At least it was kind of funny and we'll never forget it.  Plus, we got to see pretty much the entire water front!

And, I know I posted this already, but we had so much fun making fun of people riding segways.  I'll tell you what though, by the time we arrived at Navy Pier, I wished we had rented some segways despite their nerd factor.  :)

The water was almost turquoise!  It was crazy!

Navy Pier - so close... yet so far.

Mom and Dad at Navy Pier - finally.

Dad chillin' with a statue.

Matt and I at the Pier

More fun to come!!


Katie said...

Those are some fun pictures. It's fun to get to live close to big cities with cool things to see.

Lana said...

I would love to explore Chicago. The pictures look really great. Also, good for your mom for being brave and standing on the glass ledge over the city!

Bryan and Sarah said...

Chicago looks great!

Teandra said...

We love Chicago! We went there a few years ago and ate at that same pizza place!!!! check out our posts here:

Steve and Nicole said...

Amazing pictures!! Steve just went to Chicago sounds like a fun place