Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Christmas in Utah: Baking Day!!

I wasn't the best at taking pictures of all the fun things we did, or places we went over Christmas.  I didn't even write them down so I could post about them...  but I did take some pictures of the main events, so I'll try to post them in segments.

 It is tradition to do a baking day with my family before Christmas every year.  It's the best.  Seriously.  Messing up the kitchen, making tons of yummy treats, and spending time together.  Plus, we usually go out to eat or something first since we don't want to bake AND cook.

Here are all the participants in the messy kitchen  :)
 (We are missing Melissa and Ryan, but it's harder for them to make the trek all the way up from where they live with all their cute little munchkins - more pictures of them later :))

Sterling and Hayley hard at work :)

When Sterling realized I had just taken the last picture he wanted to make sure I captured that they were having FUN baking. :)

I think these soft ginger cookies were probably my favorite this year... I'm planning to make some more soon and can even post the recipe if you'd like.  They were SO chewy and delicious.

Shortbread is always a must, and one of my favorites... doesn't beat the shortbread you get in Scotland though.
(If any of my cousins want to know what to send me for my birthday... this might help ;))

Turtles - yum.

Our delicious baked goods.

And of course, Matt and Sterling made sure to get some of this in... until my mom reminded them of the story of the Little Red Hen..


Bryan and Sarah said...

Looks like a great evening! Beautiful photos!

mikayla said...

I love the last picture...and the story of the Little Red Hen LOL!! My favorite cookies were the chewy ginger snaps too! :)

Ryan, Melissa, and Family said...

Ok...so apparently Mikayla was signed in last. That last comment was actually from you favorite sister;)

Katie said...

It all looks so yummy. I laughed at that little red hen part. I think you gave me that shortbread recipe but I need to check and make sure cause it's amazing.

Laura Burtis said...

Those gingerbread cookies look absolutely perfect! They sound so good right about now! :) Oh and the turtles look delish too, I'm totally going to have to try making them in the very near future!

Ryan G said...

Look at Matt playing Xbox...he is in the ZONE! :)

Rach said...

Steph I have never seen your brother before...he totally looks like you!