Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Christmas in Utah: Christmas Day!

After spending Christmas Eve with my family we headed to Matt's parents house to spend the night.  Matt was lucky enough to get some cuddle time with Chase.

Christmas morning we went to church.  Then we came home and had a yummy breakfast and opened presents.

The yearly ornament - thanks Stacie :)

Dad with his head massager.

Yes, that is a real gun. Haha.

Haha, it looks like Steph's meditating.

Michael with his new guitar :)

Mom reading Michael's poems.  He's such a funny, smart guy.

The girls with our scarves :)

The boys with their guns and targets.  They're so cute!

We had a nice relaxing day and Grandma Palmer came up to have dinner with us.

Matt bribed Chase for a kiss. :)

After dinner we tried to get Chase to open the rest of his presents... he wasn't very interested in it--funny kid.

Chase coloring with Grandma :)

Then we watched "It's a Wonderful Life."

More to come...


Steve and Nicole said...

Stephanie your pictures look SO good! You can totally tell you use your camera on manual...which is AWESOME! your family is adorable. Your nephew is darling.

Stephie Lynne said...

I WAS meditating :)

Miss you guys... its so fun to see these pictures- thanks for posting them!