Thursday, August 23, 2012

Campus Walk :)

The last day that Matt's parents where visiting his brother James pulled through with his moving truck (he and his family were moving from Pittsburgh to Provo).  It was fun to have him visit, even if it was only for a day.  We had lots of yummy food and went for a walk around the campus.
James & Mom on the left, Dad and Matt on the right :)
We got some famous dome pictures...

And, of course we fed the campus squirrels.
 It's amazing how they'll eat right out of your hand!!  During the summer Matt and I would eat our lunch on a bench outside and feed these squirrels.  Sometimes it freaked me out though because they will come and sit on your feet!  That's a little too close if you ask me!

And, we had to get a picture of all the attorneys/future attorney in front of the ND law school.
People always tell me how much James and Matt look alike--especially with their goatees. :)

The pictures didn't turn out very well for some reason, but I'm glad we got a few anyway.  Matt and James may or may not have had some bonding time playing xbox later that night--even though it was Sunday. ;)  They had to live it up since these best buds hadn't seen each other since last December and won't be seeing each other until next December--man we need to live closer once we're done with school!


Amy said...

Umm... I looked at the pictures before reading the captions and thought, with is Matt wearing a Purdue shirt? (Then I realized it was his brother and that it was probably a Pittsburgh P). They really do look a lot alike in these pictures! Glad you had a fun visit with family! We never got any visitors until graduation.

Marie said...

So law school runs in the family, eh? Sounds like a fun visit. I don't think any of Dan's siblings will make it out this way.

Stephie Lynne Purcell said...

They really do look so much alike now that Matt is sporting the goatee- love it! Sad I couldn't be there too :( I'm glad the boys got their gaming time in!