Sunday, August 26, 2012

Favorite Day

I think the first day my parents were here was my favorite.  We slept in a bit and then went to breakfast at my favorite breakfast place of all time--the American Pancake House.  The food is amazing and they have fresh squeezed orange juice.  I ordered french toast with hash browns and Matt ordered a bacon, egg, and cheese panini with hash browns (we LOVE hash browns around here:)).

After breakfast we drove up to St. Joseph, Michigan and enjoyed walking through these lake side shops.

We even even stopped for ice cream :)

After walking around town we made our way down to our favorite beach. :)

Next time we go, I'm definitely spending some time on these swings.

Then Matt auditioned for Baywatch...
Haha, such a babe.

It was a perfect day for swimming.  It was little overcast, but still really hot.

Matt and I spent a couple hours just playing in the water like kids again--it was definitely the highlight of our summer.  My parents swam for a bit and then sat on the beach and played paparazzi with my camera.

I'm not sure what I said in the first picture but apparently it was hilarious.  In the second one we were waiting for that wave to hit us, and in the third you can see the effect of that wave on my legs. :)
I'm so glad I married my best friend because he makes my life so fun!

My cute parents :)

Matt and I after playing in the water

My mom's cute toes.  This picture also shows how amazing the sand is on this beach.

Yep--he's a babe ;)


My boy and I said...

You guys are so cute! That is so fun you live next to a beach...especially one with no sharks haha!

Bryan and Sarah said...

That looks so fun!

Lauren Hall said...

the pics of you two swimming reminds me of the notebook! so cute!