Friday, September 21, 2012

A New Adventure

A couple of weeks ago I received a call from the Stake Executive Secretary wanting to set up an appointment for me and Matt to meet with the Stake President...dun, dun, dun.... right??!  :)  Matt was sure it was something for me because they called me...  little did he know...  Before our meeting I was teaching piano lessons to the bishop's wife and mentioned something about needing to leave on time to make it to our appointment with the Stake President when she said, "Oh, I know what that is." !?!  Then she said, "it's not hard, but I'm sad."  We laughed about it a little and I kept thinking, "What calling is not hard, but would make Kay sad???"

Well... Matt and I have been called to attend the Plymouth Branch for a year!  I've never heard of this before, but they are, in a sense, transplanting us to help build up that branch.  They used to be a larger branch, but with the economic downturn a lot of members have had to move away for work so there are only about 40 members left in a phase one building.  The building is about an hour away, but there is another couple in our apartment complex who'll be attending with us so we can carpool.  It's a good thing we like them so much. ;)  We'll keep our home teaching and visiting teaching assignments in our current ward and if we receive a calling within the branch it will be a "Sunday only" calling since it's so far away.  I'll mostly likely be able to keep teaching home-study seminary.

I'm a little sad to leave all my friends in the Notre Dame ward for a year, but I'll still see them outside of church and we'll be back!! :)  (Maybe we'll even be pregnant by the time we come back!!! ;))


Linnea said...

Wow, what a unique calling! That is neat though, and since you are both so friendly I'm sure you'll really help the branch glue together.

Marie said...

Dan & I had a similar experience when they called us to serve in the singles' ward. It's strange to be in a new place, but so great to just be yourself and meet new people. You'll do great!

DeAnnaLynn said...

Matt and I had a similar calling.. It wasn't given a time frame tho but we moved out of the ward after 6 months so we only had it that long. Luckily, ours met in the same building.. but it was to the Spanish Ward to help the missionaries. We didn't do much but go to church there and visit with some inactive families. It was such a great experience tho- even though I hardly understood church for 6 months!

good luck! :)