Sunday, September 2, 2012

Success and a Happy Birthday!

My parents were here for Matt's birthday (August 5th) and it was so fun!  Matt doesn't really like all the attention to be on him, so I think he kind of dreads his birthday a little bit.  It's so funny because I like to extend my Birthday celebrations for an entire week!  ;)  We were able to celebrate a little and I told him I would make him ANYTHING he wanted for dinner and dessert.  He chose creamy chicken noodle soup, home made rolls, and fruit pizza.  The fruit pizza recipe I tried this time was EASY and a complete success--thanks McKenna Wallace!

This picture makes me want to make fruit pizza again RIGHT NOW!

Matt chose the fruit so we used strawberries, kiwis, raspberries, and fresh peaches.  Isn't it pretty??

I'm so glad that Matt was born and came into my life.  He's my buddy and makes life a party!
Happy Birthday sweetheart!  I love you so much!


Bryan and Sarah said...

Happy Birthday Matt!

Marie said...

I was so excited when you mentioned store bought sugar cookie dough on Facebook. That I can manage :) Baking is a rare feat these days.

Stephanie said...

:) I know! That's my favorite part--such an easy recipe!

Steve and Nicole said...

the one of you two in the water looks like a picture from the Notebook movie :)