Saturday, September 1, 2012

Sort of Like a River

One of the days my parents were here we decided to go kayaking down the St. Joseph River.  It weaves right through South Bend, so it's really close to our place.  The shuttle leaves from St. Patrick's park and you get to wear their AWESOME orange life vests.

Here we are--ready to start our trip :)

It is a really pretty river and it was fun to just enjoy the scenery.  Matt liked taking me on adventures to look for fish near the banks.

Dad and Mom in their kayaks

Matt and I

Then I took this lovely self portrait.

After a little while, paddling got really tiring!  It's a lot of work!  And, this river is NOTHING like the Provo river that runs out of the mountains my friends.  We don't have any hills in Indiana so it's basically at a standstill.  I'm convinced that it would take the same amount of effort to paddle upstream as it would down.  Near the end Matt tied my kayak to the back of his and pulled me down the river--he's too good to me. :)
This picture was taken right before these boys asked, "Woah, did they get stuck together like that on their own??"  My response: "Yes, yes they did."

And, here we are looking awesome with our paddles.  :)


laura d said...

Yes, yes they did. Lol

Marie said...

Wow, you are brave to have taken your camera on the journey! I like how the pictures turned out though.

Stephanie said...

Haha, no way! My dad brought his little camera for these pictures. No SLRs took this trip. :)

Bryan and Sarah said...

So fun!