Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Christmas 2012: Joe's Birthday Party

It was so fun to go to church with my parents on Sunday and see lots of good friends--I still wish we lived in their ward.  :)  After church we had a delicious salmon dinner--my mom makes the best salmon!  Then we went to Joe and Maureen's house celebrate my uncle Joe's birthday.  It was fun to see grandma and grandpa Pinegar and to see Cruz again because it has been a year and he has gotten so big!

Here is Cruz, Matt, Grandma, and Dad

Left: Grandpa Pinegar eating dessert :)
Right: Uncle Joe with Cruz

 Uncle Joe, Cute Cruz, and Cousin Rebekah--We missed Cole!
Cruz eating dessert--yep, he's adorable and so, so funny.  It was hilarious to watch him climb over a lazy and massive George (George is Joe and Maureen's lab :))

Look at those adorable, tired, chocolate eyes?  Such a cutie and so much personality.  :)