Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Christmas 2012: Christmas Baking

On Monday morning we had our Dr. appointment with our new fertility specialist--Dr. Foulk.  He is amazing and it felt so good to take that next step--bring on the Purcell babies!  After our appointment we went to lunch with my mom and aunt Brenley at Cafe Rio--man I've missed that place! :)  Then we went Christmas shopping at the new outlet mall near Travers Mountain in Lehi.  It is AWESOME and I definitely recommend it if you haven't been yet.

When we got home my brother Sterling and his wife Hayley came over for Pizza and a baking night--I  LOVE this tradition.  :)

Sterling and Hayley making delicious, soft, ginger cookies

Here we are looking so cute :)

And being hilarious.

Haha, I love this picture so much because Sterling was showing Matt something really interesting and you can see how interesting they both thought it was.  :)  Jk.  Matt was probably just tired and jet-lagged.

My parents are hilarious and adorable.  :)  I seriously laugh out loud everytime I see that picture on the left.  I think they should blow it up and hang it in their living room.

 Hayley, Sterling, Me, and Matt :)

It was so fun just to be there and see everyone.  Christmas is magical when you're surrounded by those you love.


Marie said...

You'll have to share some tips on taking the good self-photos. Glad the appt went well!

Katie said...

Yay for Purcell babies! I love baking at Christmas time. And I love cafe rio! :)