Thursday, January 17, 2013

Christmas 2012: Christmas Comedy Musical

On Tuesday morning a photographer came by to document our journey with infertility (more on that to come :)).  We loved her and it was a really great experience!  After that we got ready and went downtown because Matt had a lunch with some attorneys at the firm where he'll be working this summer.  I went to lunch at Olive Garden with my parents.  Then we picked up Matt and did a little shopping at City Creek.
Then, my sister Meliss and her husband, Ryan, drove up from Spanish Fork and Sterling and Hayley came over for dinner.
After dinner we made our way to my favorite play of all time "I Believe in Christmas" by the Pickleville Playhouse.
This was the best play ever.  It was hilarious.  There were people running around yelling bacon, freaking out and strangling each other, performing some seriously awesome dance moves, and giving great lines like, "When life gives me lemons I make BACON!!!!!!!"  Hilarious.  Matt said of this play, "It was memorable.  Like a car accident."
Please see the perfect depiction of the entire play below.

Haha, Melissa and Sterling really thought the play was hilarious and I think the best part of the entire play may have been hearing them laugh and talk about it afterward.  :)  I have the best family.