Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Christmas 2012: Christmas Eve

On Saturday we hung out, played games, went shopping, made desserts, ate good food and went to see the Hobbit--LOVED it!
On Sunday we went to church and heard Stephanie sing her famous O Holy Night--it was incredible, as always!  Then we spent the day relaxing, eating more good food, playing games, and watching family videos.

Monday was Christmas Eve!  We did some last minute shopping, finished wraping gifts, relaxed, played games, and the boys watched some Gold Rush episodes (ha).  You may be noticing a trend here with the game playing--mom and dad got a bunch of really fun games and we couldn't get enough of them.
Here is James hanging with his girls. :)
(Blakeley on the left, Ashtyn on the right)

Matt with Blakeley--aren't these the sweetest pictures ever??  He'll make an incredible dad--hopefully soon! ;)

Christmas Eve dinner consisted of enchiladas, Spanish rice, chips and guacamole...SO good!

The ladies usually made dinner and the men did dishes.  On Christmas Eve the Supermen were on duty.
 Yeah...this ^ wasn't posed at all ;)
We feel so blessed to have such an incredible family--we love all these folks.
 From left to right and moving forward: Michael, Dad, Mom, Stephanie, Matt, James, Christian, Me, Stephie-Lynne, Stacie, Blakley, Chase, Ashtyn
We were singing Christmas hymns and looked over to see Blakeley like this--Matt and I thought this was hilarious, so we took a picture.  :)

Grandma and Grandpa Purcell with Ashtyn and Blakeley
*Mom closed her eyes right at the last second, but the babies looked too cute not to post it! :)*

In Matt's family we draw names for secret elf and then play Pass the Pigs and when you get to 100 points you get to give your secret elf gift.

Stacie and Christian playing Pass the Pigs

Matt and I with Chase

With two babies around there is always plenty of baby holding time :)
(Left: Stephie Lynne (mom) and Blakeley; Right: Christian and Blakeley)

Chase with his gold fish soap
 I thought it was a real gold fish when he first opened it!

Sweet Blakeley 
I wish I was able to get more pictures of Ashtyn, but she is such a cute squirmy baby.  :)  It's funny how they already have such different personalities.

Mom had Michael

Dad had Matt 
 He's been staying up late EVERY night reading No Easy Day in bed--he loves it!

James had Mom

Stephie-Lynne had Dad 

Stephanie had Stephie-Lynne

Stacie had me--a little something for the future ;) 

Michael had James

I had Christian

Matt had Stacie

Chase with his litlle crab from Grandma Purcell

Haha, so excited! :)

Loves for Grandma

Blakeley :)

Here are all the girls with our girly gifts--poor boys.  ;)
Happy Christmas Eve! :)


Stephie Lynne Purcell said...

Ahhh these pictures are so wonderful- I may be stealing all of them! Thanks for documenting it all and for being such a wonderful aunt and cuddling my kids so much- they really miss you and Matt!

*Every time Chase fist bumps someone, he explodes it then says, "Yeah... Matt taught me that." :)

We miss you guys!