Sunday, February 3, 2013

Christmas 2012: Christmas Day

Late Christmas Eve we made our way back over to my parents house and spent the night there. 
Christmas morning was quiet--just Matt and I and Mom and Dad.  We had our traditional delicious Christmas breakfast--cinnamon rolls and breakfast casserole BEFORE opening presents.  That is key.  :)

Then we got to see what Santa brought us. :)

Mom and Dad spoiled us. :)  Here is my cute hubby on Christmas morning.

My cute momma :)

My cute hubby again--the sweater was from me and it looks SOOOO good on him. ;) 

Dad with some new dress shirts :)

Yeah... we're hilarious.

Mom opening her cute boots :) 

Dad :)
LOVED spending time with these two.  :)  Such party animals.
Our little family on Christmas morning.
Christmas day was beautiful!  So, after opening gifts we decided to get bundled up and go for a walk.  There was fresh snow, blue skies, and the sun was shining.  My heart belongs to these Utah mountains.  :)

Here we are on our Christmas day walk

Then we came home to get ready for everyone else to come for lunch.  Here are Matt and Dad getting the food ready.

 Yeah... in my family--we know how to eat.  :)  We usually have an appetizer buffet like this on Christmas Eve, but since everyone was gathering on Christmas Day this year we decided to do it then instead.

After eating until we were sick, or being gluttonous as Matt would say, we had round two of opening presents!

Look at Derek's cute dimples! :) 

Addy got this cute monkey and promptly named her Stephanie. :)

Love this kid :)

I'm positive that I have the cutest nieces ever. :)



My dad always gets such nice shots from above because he's so tall. :)
Ryan and Melissa with some of their gifts :)

Hayley and Sterling :)

I love these pictures because Sterling is opening a present from Matt and you can see the anticipation on his face here...

And the pure excitement on his face here... :)

After opening presents and eating some more food, we had a family talent show.  Only problem is, we have a hard time taking things like this seriously.

Here is Melissa doing a "jig" and Sterling singing Opera.
I always tell Matt there wasn't any crazy left in the gene pool by the time I came along... ;)  But, we all know that isn't true.

Hayley and Sterling enjoying Melissa's "jig".  :)

Here is my cute mom playing the violin--yeah, she's amazing!

Matt and I played a duet with one hand behind our backs!! ;)
Aka: I played the left hand and he played the right hand of a hymn ;)
I have the cutest hubby and best friend in the world.

 Then we started what I think will be a new tradition--a pinata!

Addy and Derek taking a swing :)
 I like how Addy isn't even wearing the blindfold--haha.

Whitney and Katelyn

Katelyn knocked the head off the snowman so we had to hang it up again. :)

Watching the "pinataing" in the garage. :)

Mikayla and Sterling

Then it was Melissa's turn and we can all guess how that ended. ;)

Then I took some cute pictures of these two by the tree

Aren't they cute?!

Addy and Derek were so tuckered out by the end of the night.
I miss all these people so much--we have the best family anyone could ask for!


Rach said...

Looks fun girlie! Hopefully you took a swing at that pinata...

The Martin Family said...

First, you are gorgeous! Your eyes are amazing.
Second, I love that you love to take GREAT pics.
Third, I love that your family has so much fun together.
You have the cutest fam.

Katie said...

You guys are so funny. It looks like you had a good Christmas. I love the pictures from your walk. You look so cute too!