Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Christmas 2012: Getaway

On Friday, December 28 we made our way downtown for a little getaway with my parents, my siblings and their spouses.
First Matt and I and my parents attended the daily organ concert in the tabernacle--it was beautiful!
Then we met up with Melissa and Ryan and Sterling and Hayley to have lunch at the Blue Lemon downtown.  It was really good--I was impressed.  Then we went to the temple as a family.  After the temple we checked into the hotel (we stayed at the Marriott right by City Creek), changed and went shopping for a bit at City Creek Mall (LOVE that mall!).  Then we made our way to P.F. Changs for dinner.
Dad, Mom, Sterling, Hayley, Ryan, Melissa, Me, and Matt
Wow!  That has to be my new favorite restaurant.  We ate so much delicious food and walked back to the hotel in the freezing cold with full bellies.  My mom had originally thought that we might go ice skating, but it just became a big joke because it was so cold.  We kept saying that we really should reconsider going ice skating because it was so nice outside. :)

The next morning we had breakfast at Kneaders (LOVE that place).  Then we went shopping at City Creek and had fun looking for fish in the streams.

Matt, Me, Hayley, Sterling, Melissa, and Ryan
After shopping everyone else went to see Les Miserables, but we already had tickets to see it later that evening with Matt's family so we said goodbye to everyone and made our way to South Jordan to see Matt's family.
We had dinner with everyone, went to see Les Miserables--which we LOVED, LOVED, LOVED--and stayed up late talking about it. :)


Marie said...

How FUN! Crazy to think that we just missed each other, we were at City Creek on the 27th.

Katie said...

Ha, that guy in front of the ATM is hilarious! Pretty sure it's wrong to laugh at crazy people, but I will anyway. That getaway sounds so nice. City Creek was awesome!