Sunday, February 10, 2013

Christmas 2012: New Years Eve and Day!

On New Year's Eve we were able to meet up with my cousin Jordan and his wife Crystal for lunch at Kneaders.  It had also been YEARS since we had seen them and it was wonderful to catch up and meet ADORABLE Helena! :)  We just love these three to pieces!
LOVE Helena's little outfit--she is such a cutie pie and so happy all the time!
After lunch we went shopping with Matt's parents for a bit--man the stored had cleared out by this point!!  Then we came home and spent the day relaxing, eating good food, and playing games with family.
Mom with Blakeley--James with Ashtyn

Cute Chase--such a funny kid. :)
Stacie and Dad workin' hard in the kitchen
Dad working on the Turkey, and Steph making her AMAZING cheese ball!
Funny story: We thought it would be really great to have Buffalo Wild Wings as a late evening snack on New Year's Eve so we ordered 50 wings.  When the guys went to pick them up they weren't ready so Dad politely aired his grievances with the manager and they gave them the 50 wings free--PLUS a gift certificate for 50 MORE free wings the next time they go in! :)  This is what happens when you marry into a family of attorneys.

How cute are these two in their matching pjs!?  Seriously??
 Ashtyn and Blakeley
Ruffle Bums!!
Ashtyn and Blakeley
This is their serious pose :)
 Ashtyn and Blakeley
Planking in Pajamas :)
 Ashtyn in front, Blakeley in back
 We took this group picture just a bit before midnight--aren't we cute?

Then we set the camera timer to take a picture right at midnight and...this picture was born. :)
Matt and James MUST be brothers or something.  The best part was when mom told James he looked like John Travolta...yeah...he totally does.  :)
New Year's day was relaxing and wonderful.  We ate more good food, played more fun games, and went for a walk in the snow.
Here's a picture of me and my little snow bear (aka: Blakeley) :)  She was so cute and squishy all bundled up like that.

And, the next day we woke up at 5 am to catch a flight back to Indiana!  We'll miss you Utah and all our family too.  Until next time... :)


Katie said...

I love all the cute babies. Helena is darling, and those twins are so freaking cute!

Marie said...

Looks like a great break! And now you have the whole month of January's adventures to post about :)

My boy and I said...

It looks like you guys had so much fun! I loved all the pictures! I especially love the very last one in this post. You look gorgeous and will definitely be the cutest mom ever, very soon I hope! Hope you guys are doing well!