Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Date Night...On a Budget

Well, as you all know, Matt and I are saving like crazy (and getting lots of help from you!!) to become parents ASAP. :)  So... everything we do nowadays is on a pretty tight budget.  Maybe from now on all my post titles will be "Valentine's... On a Budget," "Birthday... On a Budget," "Anniversary... On a Budget," etc.

Just Kidding.  Though, it's a good thing that Matt and I are both pretty low maintenance, easy going people.  We both still have lots of clothes from High School (which Matt frequently reminds me, wasn't that long ago for me ;)) and we are both kind of homebodies!

Our all-time favorite date night includes buying a treat at the grocery store, making some yummy simple dinner together, getting in our comfies (sweats/yogo pants), and watching a couple episodes of a TV show we both love or reading a book together while cuddling or sprawled out on seperate couches.

Haagen-Dazs was SUPER cheap one night, so we bought two to share.  Add a couple episodes of Shark Tank and you've got a mighty fine date night!
These are simple times and I want to remember every second.


Bryan and Sarah said...

At home simple dates are awesome! I love reading about budget things. Sometimes blogs (me included) make it seem like people are always doing exciting and expensive things. It's good to keep it simple and cheap too.

Rach said...

Simplicity is a beautiful thing. :-) Love you two.

Kandace said...

I love this post! Mostly because we too love to make dinner together, then snuggle up in our comfy clothes and watch SHARK TANK!

Bryce & Cherise said...

I love the little things about marriage that make it sweet!
***just wanted to tell you I always read your blog; I'm just horrible at commenting usually because I read it from my phone! Love hearing about all your stuff-good and not-so-good. ;) This was definitely one of those good ones and it's nice to have good memories like this during all the waiting!