Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Shout Hooray!

On Saturday we celebrated my 24 birthday!  I had Shingles, of all things, so it was really low key.  Matt worked hard to make it special.  

We slept in and cuddled and as soon as I woke up Matt asked if it could be "present time".  :)  (He had already tried to convince me to open my birthday present at midnight.)  I opened a gift from Matt, and both sets of parents--they did a great job surprising me!  And a gift from my sweet friend Katie--I laughed out loud at her note about having a hospitable uterus or something.

After opening presents we had a delicious breakfast hash browns (my favorite part) and all!  Then we relaxed and I took a nap.  For dinner we tried a new pizza place and LOVED it--bonus, we had a gift card.

Finally, we made sure to snap a couple pictures with my birthday cake. :)
I have a feeling this is going to be the best year yet!


Bryan and Sarah said...

Happy Birthday! Sounds like Matt was nice to you! Your cake looks delicious!

Katie said...

Ha! I was hoping you would get a kick out of my note. Happy Birthday!

Rach said...

I am so sorry you had shingles! Happy birthday you darling girl.