Tuesday, April 2, 2013

We're Getting Ready... Are you??

We're getting ready for our race on April 27... are you?!  If you live near South Bend, come run/walk/hang out with us!  90% of donations and registration fees go STRAIGHT to our Dr. to help us pay for a baby!  Yes, we are buying a baby.  ;)

HERE is the link to register or make a donation--and I mean it when I say EVERY little bit helps!  Even $5!!

Anyway, if you can't run in our race you could STILL run 5k that day and do something cool like tape a picture of us on your back. :)  Just make sure you take a picture in your running gear and send it to us so we can share all the pictures on our facebook page!

Whether you are running or not, please share one of the following links on your facebook, blog, or with family members to help us spread the word!  It's amazing how many strangers have been touched by our story and have reached out to help!

Link to donate: https://poundthepavementforparent.webconnex.com/indiana2013

I promise I will soon give an update on our lives that is not race related--we're just pretty busy with this stuff right now so there isn't much else to say! :)