Sunday, September 22, 2013

IVF #1: The Beginning

I wrote all of these posts on the dates listed before each entry, but we weren't ready to post them until now.  If you know the outcome of our IVF, please don't give it away in the comments until after the "IVF #7: Results are In!" post has been posted.

We've always felt strongly about being open about our infertility.  We've hoped that maybe it would help someone else with a trial they are facing and and also that it would raise awareness of this heartbreaking disease.  By posting our experiences in the order they happened, we hope that anyone who reads this will be able to take this journey with us and better understand the infertility treatment roller coaster.  Buckle up!! :)

Friday, June 7, 2013

Today I started birth control!! 

Who knew I could be so excited to start birth control--especially when we are trying to have a baby!?  Then again infertility is full of all sorts of anomalies.  For instance, why in the world it is THIS complicated to get pregnant!!  :)
I'd do this ten times over if that's what it took.  :)

I've already been taking a myriad of other pills/supplements.  So many in fact, that I had to buy one of those elderly pill containers. :)

I've also had quite a few blood draws--super fun, huh?  ANYTHING for baby! :)



Katie George said...

I'm excited to hear all the little details. This is such a good idea.

Kandace said...

I'm so excited to read about this whole journey!