Thursday, October 10, 2013

For a good laugh :)

Matt sent me this gif and the following conversation ensued:

Matt: "Ha ha little brothers :)"
Steph: "They're the worst!  I also love how little the kid is driving the lawn mower thing."
Matt: "Ha ha YES! and the girls' eyes when they see him coming :)"
Steph: ":)  And how he turns a little at the end, just to make sure he's finished the job with the cooler girl."
Matt: "Ha ha I didn't notice that! Classic :)  It is SOOOO funny because he can't be older than 3.  And he is totally laughing as he does it!"
Steph: "I didn't notice that he was laughing!  It's like an open mouth laugh too! :)"


Lana said...

I have 5 brothers. I can assure you that even big brothers like to do things too, like bury your dolls in the sand and then mom has to throw them away because they seemed to have absorbed said sand.

Or me never remembering I once had a toy shopping cart (which I always felt shafted for not getting one) because the day after I got it my brother rode it down a hill and smashed it to pieces.