Tuesday, December 3, 2013

The REAL Holy War

Our good friend's the Andrew and Laura Bean came to visit us last weekend for the BYU vs. Notre Dame game.  On Friday we went to see Catching Fire--LOVED it!  Afterward, we went to Notre Dame.  It was so fun to show them around campus.  Since it was freezing cold, I drove them around in my work golf cart.  They had a good laugh at my mad golf cart driving skills.

Matt and Andrew in the back of the golf cart

Laura and Andrew in front of the Stadium

We made our way over to the Main Building to hear the trumpets.  One of the best things about Notre Dame football is all the tradition surrounding it.  

Me and Matt in front of the Main Building

Laura and Andrew in front of the Main Building

Afterward we made our way over to the bookstore so they could buy some souvenirs.  They had it all decked out for Christmas!

After our joy ride in the golf cart on campus, we went to Buffalo Wild Wings for dinner.  I love that place with all my heart.  Just thinking about it makes my mouth water.  After dinner we went to our ward building for the BYU football fireside.  That was a really great experience and it was cool to see the spiritual side of BYU football.  Mendenhall and Hill spoke and both did a great job.  Rudy was there too!

On Saturday morning we went to breakfast at our favorite breakfast diner in South Bend--the American Pancake House.  I crave their bacon/egg/cheese panini, french toast, hash browns, and fresh squeezed OJ... mmm...  We also met up with my sister-in-law's dad and his friend.  It was a great time!

Laura and Andrew

Me, Matt, Bruce, and Lynn

After breakfast we went home to get bundled up.  Like 20-layers-of-clothing bundled up.  The forecast for the game was 30 degrees with a 25 mph hour wind and a "feels-like" temp of 9 degrees!!  I was wearing 7 pairs of pants, 7 shirts/sweaters/sweatshirts, and hand and feet warmers and I was still dying--I have never been that cold!  We made our way over to campus to participate in some of the pre-game festivities.  We watched the players walk to the stadium and the band play on the steps of Bond Hall before their campus march.

Andrew and Matt with the BYU truck before the game.  They look puffy for some reason...

Watching the band play before their march across campus

Thanks to my friend, Allen, and his awesome connections, we were able to get INCREDIBLE seats to the game.  I doubt we'll ever have seats this good to any sporting event--especially not to a Notre Dame game.  The seats around us were going for $350 each on stub hub!  We were literally straddling the 50-yrd line on the 35th row.  

Such an awesome stadium!

Laura, Andrew, Matt and I before the game

The band

Matt and I before the game

Laura and Andrew

Go Cougars!

Matt and Andrew

Laura and I all bundled up!  We kept each other company all weekend while our husbands talked sports and planned all our future vacations according to sporting events they want to attend. ;)  Thankfully, Matt and Andrew quickly learned the truthfulness of the phrase, "Warm wife, happy football game" and made sure we had a hot chocolate in our hands at all times.

Then it started snowing--it felt like we were in a snow globe!

Here are a few scenes from the game!

My Cougs!
Even though our Cougars lost, the game was still really fun thanks in large part to our awesome seats.  And, I'm pretty proud that I survived that cold.  It felt so good to come back to our apartment and get warm.  We loved having Andrew and Laura come and visit us in South Bend.


Rach said...

Oh so much fun Girl! I really wish we could come visit! That campus looks so beauiful. I wouldn't have survived the cold though, I probably would have died.

Caitie said...

haha 7 layers?? too funny. sounds like fun!

Captivating Eyes said...

I getting cold just looking at it!! Looks like it was so much fun though!!