Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Turning 25!

Birthdays are the best when celebrated for a few days...if not a whole week! :)  On the Friday before my birthday my co-workers threw me a little office party.  Jenna was asking me last week what I wanted for my birthday and I jokingly said, "One million dollars."  So she got me an ice cream cake with a million dollars on it!

How awesome is this cake?
Oh, the hat is some weird inside joke... ;)

Then, a sweet lady that I work with on campus brought this beautiful flower bouquet that was left over from an event.  It made my day--I LOVE tulips!

Later that evening, we had an office party in a box at the Notre Dame hockey game.  It was our first one and it was a blast!  I love the people I work with so it was fun to hang out with them.  Then you add AMAZING food, fun atmosphere, and an awesome hockey game.  It was a great night and a fun way to start off my birthday weekend.

Matt and me at our first ND hockey game!

Lotta, Jenna, me, Kassie, and Stephanie H. at the hockey game

On Saturday Matt took me to get an iPhone!!  :)  I have never had a smart phone and my phone has been acting up for a while so I was beyond excited!  We waited around at the store for a few hours--it was exhausting.  BUT we finally got my phone and I love it!

When we came home Matt made me my favorite Philly Cheesesteak Sandwiches for dinner and we spent the night relaxing together.

On Sunday, my actual birthday, I slept in, woke up, and got ready for church.  Matt took a picture of me at 25!!  A quarter of a century!!  How did I get here? :)

After church we had more Philly Cheesesteak Sandwhiches for dinner and then it was time for cake.  Matt was so sweet to put candles in the cake and sing to me all by himself.  Here's to being 25!


Jenna said...

25!?!? You better watch it - you're really getting up there ;)