Monday, February 17, 2014

Extended Family Pictures

Since everyone was together for Christmas, we took the opportunity to have family pictures taken with both sides of our family!  We had the Purcell family pictures a few days before Christmas, and the Pinegar family pictures the day after Christmas.  These are a few of our favorites from both shoots!

Christian, Stacie and Ellie

Mom and Dad Purcell with the grand-kids

Mom and Dad Purcell with their kids--I love this picture!

Blakeley, Steph, Chase, James, and Ashtyn

The Pinegar side

We also had a few pictures taken of just us and managed to get a few cheesy shots too--those are Matt's favorite.

Sterling and Hayley

All the girls!  I can't believe my nieces are as tall as me now--not that that was hard to accomplish. ;)

Melissa and her girls

I think in this one I was trying to make Matt laugh at my cheesiness. :)

I love him.

Melissa and Ryan

Hayley and Sterling

We sure love these people. :)

Dad and Mom

The guys :)

Mom with her two daughters

The girlies!

Mom and the kids

Mom, Dad, my siblings and me

My siblings and me

Ryan and his girls

Melissa and Derek
We love both of our families so much and it will be so nice to live closer so we can see them more than a couple times a year!  We can't wait to print a few of these pictures to hang up.


Katie George said...

Such cute pictures! I wish we had taken pictures while we were out there for Christmas since we had everyone from Ryan's family there. His family pretty much hates pictures, though, so I didn't even suggest it. You guys did a good job coordinating colors in booth shoots. Too cute!