Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Tuesday Tip: T25

Matt and I recently started this workout program and we are in love!  We've been exercising at 6 am, 6 days/week, for the last few weeks and it's the most success I've had with sticking to a workout program in my entire life. We love that it's only 25 minutes for each workout.  It's really hard to come up with an excuse not to spend 25 minutes working out.  The workouts are TOUGH.  We have a hard time keeping up and are drenched in sweat by the end of the 25 minutes.  The best part?  We are ALREADY seeing results!  Muscles are starting to appear and we have so much more energy.  It's hard to get out of bed early and start working out, but we feel amazing after and it makes the rest of our day so much more productive.

So, my Tuesday Tip for this week is for you to look into T25.  It's well worth the money and comes with a great workout program!  It works every muscle and you'll feel so much better!  I have no motivation to share this with you other than to share something that has worked well for us.