Tuesday, February 10, 2015

39 Weeks

Thursday, February 12, 2015
How far along? 39 weeks!
Total weight gain: I've gained 31 pounds.
Maternity clothes: Yep!  Some of them are even starting to get too tight!
Best moment this week: Matt and I had a fun lunch together at his office yesterday.  We hung some canvases on his wall and just enjoyed spending some time together during the day.  I figure it will be a little while before we can do that again!  My mom and I also had a fun lunch today at the cheesecake factory where I tried these amazing avocado egg rolls…mmm…

Movement: She seems to be moving a little less over the past few days.  I've heard this can happen as labor approaches and it gets more crowded in there.  I still feel her quite a bit, just not as much as I used to.
Waist diameter: 31 inches at waist (or the most narrow section since my waist is gone), 42 inches at the widest section of my belly.
Food cravings/Aversions: Fruit!  There is just nothing better than cold fruit.  I could eat delicious apples and oranges all day long and we've had some really good ones this year.  I'm also excited because I found great strawberries and grapes at the store this week as well.  It's so nice to find some variety in the winter!

I've also found that it is so much easier to eat vegetables if I make a veggie tray every few days. It just makes them handy and they look so much more appetizing. 

Labor signs: Still lots of Braxton Hicks and teeny tiny bladder.  Nothing else really!  I'm not really too concerned about these though I figure she'll come when it's time.
Belly button in or out?  It's popping out more and more!  If I pull the skin around it a little it become a full outie!
What I miss: NOTHING!  We are just so grateful for this little miracle.
What I am looking forward to: I'm really excited for Valentine's Day.  Matt and I are both pretty simple people in that department, but we'll spend the day together looking for houses, going to dinner, and shopping for books for Little B.
Milestones:  39 weeks! The baby is approximately 19.96 inches long (from head to heel) and weighs approximately 7.25 pounds.  Approximately. ;)
Realization of the week: I'm due NEXT week!  It was funny on Monday when a lady at the grocery store asked when my baby is due and I hesitated for a minute before saying, "Next week!"  I'm so excited for her to come, but I also can't believe how soon she'll be here!
Other things: I had another doctor's appointment yesterday and it was nice to see my doctor again (he has been gone for a few weeks).  He says I'm 2 cm dilated and 70% effaced and that he'd be happy to induce me whenever I want.  I told him I was fine to wait but not to tell Matt or he'd be calling him. :)  Sure enough when I told Matt the conversation when a little like this…

Matt: "Are you serious?!  We are totally doing it!"
Me (laughing): "Let's just wait until she's ready."
…I make an attempt to change the subject…
Matt: "Plus as an added bonus we won't have to worry about your water breaking on something!"
Me (laughing harder now): "I think you've developed an amniotic fluid phobia!"
Matt: "I'm serious.  We will talk about this some more when I get home tonight."

Later conversations included Matt making the following statements while I just kept laughing because he is so cute and excited, "I've never been so excited for something in my entire life!" -- "You've been hogging her for 9 months!" -- "Why would I go to work when we could have Little B today instead!?" -- "Let's flip a coin." -- "If she kicks in the next 5 minutes it means she wants to come out." -- "I just really want to hang out with my girls this weekend!" etc. etc.  I hope Little B knows how lucky she is to have such a loving dad.  She already has him wrapped around her finger.  It's pretty adorable.

I've developed pregnancy related carpal tunnel which is making it difficult to sleep at night and the numbness and tingling is lasting throughout the day as well.  Our doctor says the only way to fix the problem is to deliver this baby, so we may choose to induce sometime next week (if she hasn't come yet on her own) just depending on how bad the swelling and nerve pain become.  Stay tuned. ;)


Marie said...

Well, you are farther along than I was at 41 weeks so yay for that! Good luck!

Liz Johnson said...

Hooray! I'm so excited! I had that carpal tunnel, too - it's the worst. Sleeping when you're that pregnant is hard enough!

I almost ate my computer screen at the sight of those eggrolls. OHMYGOSH.

Bryce & Cherise said...

Very exciting! Holy cow it went by fast! (for me! haha) That's adorable that Matt is so excited. He'll be a great dad! :)

Rachel H. said...

I came across your blog a year or so ago and was so moved by your journey to conceive. Then I just checked back today and you are 39 weeks pregnant! Congratulations--Even though I don't know you, I am over the moon happy for you and your husband :)