Sunday, March 3, 2013

Grab a Button, Make a Baby

Hey have you noticed this button over here ------------------------>

Well, if you grab it and post it to your blog you'll be helping us make baby!

Here's how
1. See that box with all the gibberish underneath?  COPY or ctl+c (or command+c on a mac) the gibberish now.
2. Go to your blog dashboard and click on "Layout"
3. On your sidebar there will be a little link that says, "Add a Gadget."  Click there.
4. Scroll down to the link that says "HTML/Java Script" and click there.
5. Now PASTE or ctl+v (or command+v on a mac) the gibberish into the "Content" section
6. Now hit "Save" and our button will be on your blog!  People will be able to go and read our story and donate if they can!

Thanks for helping us make a baby! ;)


Bryce & Cherise said...

Done and Done! :) xoxo!

Rach said...

We've got your backs Love!