Tuesday, September 23, 2014

18 Week Ultrasound

Friday, September 19, 2014

Today we went in for our 18 week ultrasound!  Wow!  It was incredible.  We were able to see our sweet baby's profile, little beating heart, brain, kidneys, spine, irises, stomach, bladder, cute bum, legs, feet, etc.  We were in awe during the entire ultrasound.  What a miracle!!  At one point the ultrasound tech thought the baby had hiccups because it was bouncing around so much.  She tool a closer look only to find that our sweet baby was just stretching out it's legs repeatedly and pushing off my uterine wall.  It almost looked like it was jumping!  What a funny, cute baby.  I am measuring 1 day ahead of schedule, which basically means we are right on track since that's a minimal margin of error.  We of course also found out the gender, but that's for the next post. :) It was such an incredible, spiritual experience.  We could not be more excited for this sweet baby to join our family.  Here are a few pictures of our sweet little one.

The baby's profile.  I love this picture and I love how the baby is resting it's arm on the umbilical cord.

From left to right this is the baby's forearm, other hand, and belly.

Our baby's cute little crossed feet.
So, so in love.


Liz Johnson said...

YAY! So glad that everything is in its proper place and working well!!! I can't wait for the next post!

Katie George said...

I love the ultrasound so much. It's so cool to see everything and it makes the baby so much more real!