Thursday, November 20, 2014

27 Weeks

Thursday, November 20, 2014
How far along? 27 weeks!
Total weight gain: I've gained 14 pounds from my pre-pregnancy weight!  Moving right on up there. :)
Maternity clothes: Yep!  I just bought some fleece lined maternity leggings to keep me warm during the winter--best purchase ever.
Best moment this week: We got to see her on an ultrasound yesterday!  She was in a total pike position breech--which is normal at this stage.  It was so funny to see her feet right up by her head.  She was also opening and closing her mouth a lot which was funny and cute.  Bottom line, she is adorable and we are pretty obsessed.  Matt talks about how excited he is 50+ times every day.  I have a feeling we'll have a daddy's girl on our hands in a few months.

The doctor says the placenta is completely out of the way now and we are right on schedule for a vaginal delivery.  Great news!!  Though, I must admit I don't really care how she comes as long as she is healthy, so if we end up needing a c-section I won't be upset.

I finished piecing the top of Little B's crib quilt!  (Pictures coming)  I'm absolutely in love!  It turned out better than I could have imagined.  Now for the quilting and binding… I'm also going to get some fabric to make a crib skirt today so we'll see how that turns out!
Movement: Lots of movement and flipping around in there.  I love it.
Waist diameter28.75 inches at waist, 36.5 inches at the widest section of my belly…and growing!
Food cravings/Aversions: I'm kind of struggling with the lack of good fruit in the grocery stores right now.  Much of the time, cold fruit is the only thing that sounds appealing and it's been hard to fill that craving!  I miss watermelon and grapes and peaches… 
Labor signs: Thankfully, none.
Belly button in or out?  It's about the same as it has been the last few weeks--definitely smaller, but not popping out yet!
What I miss: NOTHING!  I'm just so grateful for this little miracle growing inside.  But I must say, there have been a couple times over the last couple weeks when I've really been craving a cold Pepsi!  I've been good about not drinking any caffeine while I've been pregnant and I'm going to stick to it, but man, if you come to visit me in the hospital after she is born--I want one of those. ;)
What I am looking forward to: The changing table came yesterday!  I can't wait to have Matt put it together and start seeing her room come together even more!  We are also excited for Thanksgiving next week and to spend lots of time with family.
Milestones:  27 weeks!  The baby is approximately 14.41 inches long (from crown to heel) and weighs approximately 1.93 pounds.  Approximately. ;)
Realization of the week: Just what I realize every week these days--we are so incredibly blessed.  I still can't believe I'm pregnant!  Sometimes the only evidence is my belly in the mirror. :)
Other things:  Pregnancy dreams are out of control.